U.S. Marine Deployment Event – July 4th 2019

BHB provided a send-off dinner for 27 Marines, and their families, on July 4th 2019 in partnership with Renewal Coalition. These Marines deployed from West Palm Beach to Camp LeJune and then to Afghanistan. Renewal Coalition’s mission is to assist wounded service members and their families in their transition from military to civilian life or back to active duty by offering a retreat experience at Florida residences with the intent of providing these families a relaxed, pleasant, and welcoming environment.

Big Heart Brigade has supported the Renewal Coalition since its beginning in 2009. The retreats and events for the men, women, and caregivers are focused on the family sharing time together without the worries of expenses. Lodging, meals, entertainment, ground travel, and even the small amenities are the responsibility of Renewal Coalition and NOT the service members and their families. Big Heart Brigade takes pride in sharing the Renewal Coalition’s blessing as Americans and considers it a privilege to offer assistance to those who have given so much in the name of duty.